Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Trouble for the Auto Industry Bailout

Reports indicate that there is less confidence that the auto indusrty bailout will be passed. Many Republicans and some Democrats question whether the bailout bill will use taxpayer's dollars effectively. The Bloomberg article Democrats Back Off Prediction of Automaker Bailout Approval describes the latest version of the bill.
The Democratic proposal would let the president appoint a so-called car czar to oversee industry restructuring, and give taxpayers stock warrants equal to 20 percent of the loans. It would prohibit the automakers from paying dividends and owning or leasing corporate jets, and pay and bonuses would be limited.

This, however, does not address the inherent problems with these businesses. Preventing the "paying dividends and owning or leasing corporate jets, and pay and bonuses" addresses none of the major problems with these companies. A limit on excesses misses the basic fact that these are failed companies, who can't garner loans from anyone other than Congress. The only check or change that this bill implements is 'a car czar'; the powers of which Chairman Barney Frank tried to explain...

Frank told reporters today the bill would give the car czar “a great deal of head-knocking ability” with “a lot of the powers that you would get in bankruptcy.”

The official would have the power to veto participating automakers’ plans to invest abroad, Frank said. Lawmakers want to ensure the companies don’t “take American taxpayer dollars and expand in other countries rather than here, or shut down a plant in America while expanding a plant elsewhere,” he said.

Because Bush and President-elect Barack Obama are unlikely to agree on a czar, Obama will likely replace Bush’s pick as soon as he takes office, Frank said. The Bush administration has said the official should come from the Commerce Department.

So this 'car czar' a likely member of the Commerce Department will be apparently appointed by President Bush then replaced by the future President Obama, and he shall be granted 'head knocking abilities'.

Chairman Frank went on to state that the auto industry will likely need to be granted more money in the future, something Speaker Pelosi has also stated. This does not instill confidence that this bailout will be anything but a waste of money.

A few basic questions for lawmakers...

How will this money fix the failed business policies of the auto industry?

How many bailouts and/or how much money will be paid to the automakers total?

What's wrong with bankruptcy?

What are the requirements for being granted a government bailout?

This is still not an rational solution. Ask your representatives not to support this bailout bill, and make them at least answer the basic question, 'how will this money fix the problems that the auto industry faces?'

Contact Your Senator

Contact Your Congressman

Continued Problems with the Automaker Bailout

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

New Blogs etc

I started blogging this election cycle as a way to support Senator McCain for President. Now that race has ended, I'm interested in blogging at different sites for different purposes. I will continue my original site Broad Side of the Barn as a light hearted site with some useful resources, however, it is in serious need of updating. Blog topics typically will fall under the heading of internet or politics, but other topics will be addressed as well. Some of these sites are derivatives of ones set up during the election, many of them still need significant work. Here are the blogs I plan on posting to and developing at this time. Thank you for visiting.

Experimental Blogging Trial and Error Site
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Here are a variety of other sites of interest. The Maine Tool Room, Dr. Dog Health Care, Blogs for Victory,, Network for Good, The Red Cross, The Smithsonian, Zannel, AARA News Service, Real Clear Politics, Joe Lieberman, Righty Blogs

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Importance of Linking

A Blogger Tip from McCain Blogger Resources

The importance of linking is not only the traffic generated through that link, but links are a key element of how search engines determine the importance and ranking of a site. With a group of like the McCain/MV08 bloggers, it is simply beneficial to all involved to give another site in the network, your buddy, a friendly, or well-liked site a link. Here are some ways people like to link...

The Quote: "The House of Representatives faces a historic choice next week when it votes on whether or not to pass the New GI Bill. This vote decides whether our nation will honor its newest generation of veterans and invest in the future of the men and women who have been serving in harm's way. We need your help." from Mad Irish Man's Conservative Consortium

The Plug: Here a couple new blogs worth checking out...

McCain Independents focuses on Snator McCain's support among Independent voters.

Now Hampshire - New Hampshire news and politics.

The Story: John McCain shows support from a wide range of groups including Blue Dog Democrats, Independent Voters, Jewish Voters, McCain Moms, Libertarian Voters, Rudy Supporters, Veteran Voters, and Asian American Voters making up a broad coalition of voters.

*Also and example of keyword links.

Keyword Links: In it's simplest form these links use relevant keywords to link to sites or particular pages within a site. This can help a site/page win over particular keywords. They can be within the context of an article or simply as a random group of words as follows...

Bassoon Profiler Bassoon Reed Profiler Bassoon Reed Carver Oboe Gouge Machine Oboe Gouger Oboe Reed Gouger Dog Lawn Dog Lawn Spots Natural Flea Collar Dog Insect Collar Cat Glucosamine Purple States

Friday, March 21, 2008

Patience Please

Web Inqiry and its parent site Broad Side of the Barn are under going changes/construction. Please be patient a useful active blog will be up an running shortly.

Monday, February 18, 2008

How to Create a Simple Blog

Blogs are specifically designed so that users can publish online with out any technical expertise. Anyone with an interest can create a blog. While original content is typically preferred, in reality one doesn't even need to be a writer to create a blog. One can use other blogger's articles within there own blog. As long as you link to the original article this practice is welcome as it helps promote the writer's article and blog. If you are new to blogs I recommend using to set up your blog. It's free and it's easy, and there's no commitment, which makes it worthwhile to least give blogging a try. All you need is an email address...

1. Go to and create an account. This simply consists of entering an email address and picking a password. You'll be sent a confirmation email, then you're set to go.

2. Pick a name and address for your blog. will let you know what names/addresses are available.

3. Choose a template. You'll be given several options for what your blog can look like. This can be modified or changed at any time.

4. Post a message. A simple welcome message will work.

That's it you have a functional blog that you can post to routinely. You can go under the layout tab and change and change page elements, or colors. You can provide more details about yourself under 'edit profile'. While there are a number of ways one can customize a blog that's completely optional. Simple blogs can be just as engaging and effective as highly customized blogs.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Mobile Social Networking - Yes, No, I Don't Know

Caroline McCarthy of CNet News has written an article, "The mobile social: Not ready for prime time?" In it she gives an explanation of the new developments and possiblities in mobile social networking.

"Recent announcements and developments in the mobile media world have indicated that location-based services are going to be the game-changer. These applications, using GPS technology or cell tower triangulation, are being talked about as the move that will push mobile social networking forward--and with good reason. Crafted correctly, a location-aware mobile service could not only tell you which of your friends are nearby, but also inform you of the nearest place where you could grab a slice of pizza (and whether your neighbors recommend it)--as well as serve up advertisements that give "hyperlocal" a whole new meaning."

Two things that strike me about this technology are, first, how large the gap is becoming between those who are fully plugged into current technology and gadgets, and those who aren't. While certainly there is a full spectrum between those sporting the latest high tech gadgets, and those who don't even want to use a cell phone; it does seem like people living at polar ends of this spectrum are starting to live in dramatically different worlds.

Second, some of these technologies and gadgets seem to indicate that we are becoming a bit too plugged in. Certainly I'm not opposed to tech development, and realize not all gadgets are for everyone. However, being constantly monitored by GPS I find a little disturbing. Also, regularly monitoring my buddy's location via GPS sounds an awful lot like stalking. GPS in a vehicle makes sense, but regular personal monitoring seems like a bit much. McCarthy notes in her article that one of the hang ups with this technology is the concerns people have with privacy.

"There's a bigger issue, though. Beyond any technological challenges, a sizable portion of the population might not like the idea that their locations could be broadcast to others--or logged by their cell phone providers. "There are big privacy concerns," Poisson said. "Privacy is a huge concern when it comes to location-based services, especially when it comes to mobile devices. Any time that the end user doesn't have control over who's knowing where they are, whether it's another human being that they know or don't know, or a company that's collecting that data on an automatic basis, that starts to become problematic."

While I'm not prepared to sign up for this service, Caroline McCarthy's article is an interesting read on the development and issues surrounding mobile social networking...

The mobile social: Not ready for prime time?

Friday, February 15, 2008

Hello World

Welcome to Web Inquiry. The internet being virturally endless I find that I often have questions or curiosities about the web world that don't fit neatly into any one category. Therefor Web Inquiry is here to address a range of topics from simple 'how to' issues to more involved questions about the roll of the internet in society. There will be frequent posts from around the web about tech topics and more. So I hope you'll come visit frequently and check out our evolving Web Inquiry site.